J L Legacy's Gift of the Magi Gaspar

Gaspar Awarded Winners Dog


Winner's Dog at the German Shepherd Dog Club
of Northern New Jersey Specialty Show, Major Win

Judge: Dan Smith

The first thing you will notice about Gaspar is his incredible color! He is truly black and red. He has a masculine headpiece, balanced structure and tight feet. He has a strong back, proper shoulder angulation and is correctly proportioned according to the standard. He is very curious with a clownish personality but is also brave when the circumstances warrant. He favors the German side of the pedigree in his conformation, but is refined enough to be accomplished in the American show ring. His movement is clean coming and going and his sidegate is effortless. Gaspar would be a wonderful addition to any breeding program looking to add pigment and balanced structure to their line. OFA testing results can be found here with Gaspar having Good Hips and Normal Elbows, Cardiac and Thyroid. His pedigree can be found here.

For more information on Gaspar or if you saw "That Red Dog" at a recent show contact us here.

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