Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

 Why do you require a pre-visit?

We require a pre-visit to allow you and your dog to tour our facility, ask questions and determine if we are a good fit for you and your dog. During the pre-visit you and your dog will see our boarding area, tell us about your dog's specific needs, review boarding paperwork and possibly schedule your first visit. After the pre-visit, you and your dog will leave J.L. Legacy together, and your dog will associate our facility with a positive experience. This will make their first stay with us less stressful for them.

How will I know if my dog is a good fit for your boarding facility?

Our boarding facility is geared towards people friendly house pets and here at J.L. Legacy they will receive four walks a day and playtime. It has been our experience that dogs who spend the majority of their time in the yard do not adjust well to a structured boarding environment.

What dog breeds and sizes to you accept for boarding?

J.L. Legacy does not restrict boarding based solely on dog breed or size. During the pre-visit we will discuss the history, temperament and behavior of your dog to make sure we can provide the best care for everyone while you are gone.

Will my dog have playtime with other boarders during their stay?

Playtime at J.L. Legacy depends on your dog's interests. If your dog likes to run, play with a particular toy or ball or if they have a special activity they enjoy just let us know. We want their stay to be as much like their usual routine at home as possible. Boarders do not have direct contact with each other. They will be aware of other dogs staying with us, but for safety and less stress we do not do "free-range boarding" where all of the dogs stay and play together. We focus specifically on lots of one- on-one dog to human contact during their stay.

What should I bring for my dog during their stay with you?

You will need to bring enough food for your dog's stay, any medication they take (marked with the drug's name, dosage and veterinarian's name), a small blanket, t-shirt or towel that smells like home, as well as their favorite toy to play with, cuddle or chew. We do supply treats, but feel free to bring their favorite!

What do you provide for my dog while they are here?

While your dog is staying with us they will have their meals in stainless steel bowls that are washed after every meal. We can also accomodate dogs that use an elevated feeding deck. All dogs have their own stainless steel water buckets that are refreshed frequently. We provide treats and toys from our toy box to play with. We also provide an elevated bed and handmade afghan for each guest to use during their stay or a thirsty towel, if that is more your dog's style.

Is there an extra charge for giving my dog medication?

At J.L. Legacy we believe in giving the best care possible to each of our guests. Often dogs can require pills, topical medication or regular injections to be at their best. We consider administering these types of medication a standard part of caring for your dog, so that is included in the daily rate. If provided, we can also administer their monthly flea and tick prevention or heartworm protection if it is due during their stay.

Do I need to bring my dog's bed for them?

Each of our spacious guest quarters have an elevated bed for your dog's comfort. Feel free to bring addtional bedding if you prefer. We try to send all of our guests home with fresh bedding, but we are unable to wash large bolster or beanbag style beds.

How do I check on my dog while I'm away?
We have three ways to stay in touch with your dog while you are gone: phone, Facebook and e-mail. Call us anytime at 540-872-4123. If we don't answer we are probably on a walk with one of our guests. Please leave a voice mail and we will return your call as soon as possible. We also post on Facebook, and with your permission we can include updates that feature what your dog has been up to in your absence. We are also available by email here or at jllegacy[@] Please keep in mind that as we are busy taking care of our guests it can take 48 to 72 hours for an email reply.

What do I need to do when I drop off and pick up my dog?

At your scheduled drop off time we will meet you outside. We will take your dog's belongings and set up their space. We will then return to you and your dog outside, take the dog from you and escort them into the house. We have found that since the dog left you (instead of you leaving the dog) they are much happier and less likely to look for you every time they go outside. When you come to pick up your dog at your scheduled pick up time, come in to the house and we will tell you all about what happened during your dog's stay and provide you with an invoice. We will have your dog's belongings ready and we can help you take them to your vehicle. We will then get your dog and meet you outside for your departure.

How are you counting the days my dog stays with you?

We operate the same as a hotel. You are charged for the day you check in, regardless of what time your dog arrives on that day. We then count each calendar day your dog is here. When you check out, you are not charged for that day if you check out Monday through Saturday BEFORE 11 AM. If you check out Monday through Saturday AFTER 11 AM you will be charged the daily rate. If you check out on Sunday, your check out time will be AFTER 2 PM, and the daily rate applies. When you are booking your pet's stay with us, feel free to ask any questions about our rates.

Why are you closed for check ins and check outs on Sunday mornings until 2 PM?

In order to provide the best possible care for your dog in a clean and safe environment, our hours of service are carefully considered. Care for our boarders takes place as usual all day Sunday. This also ensures that your dog has reserved the space for the entire weekend to allow for more flexibility in your travel plans.

Will my dog have a bath before they come home?

We request that all dogs come to us clean and this eliminates the need for a full bath before they leave us. We consider daily grooming a standard part of caring for your dog so all dogs are given a coat freshening wipe down, a good brushing and ear cleaning (if needed) as part of their daily routine. If you would prefer your dog have a full service groom before they return to you we can arrange for your dog to visit their regular groomer (or we can recommend one to you) for an additional charge.

I order my dog's vaccines online and I administer them myself. What documentation should I provide you with?

We believe that as part of responsible dog ownership all dogs should be examined by a veterinarian at least once a year. That visit should include updating your dog's vaccines. At this time, we will only accept current vaccination documentation from a veterinarian.

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